Want to improve your memory? Consume these food items

Some days you feel guilty about forgetting an important task or an occasion that you always knew but forgot unconsciously. Alternatively, you often feel that your brain is choked and you are not able to make the right decision. All these can be signals that you are losing your memory. As you grow old, your brain shrinks every year leading to cognitive dysfunction resulting in a lack of focus and brain function. Due to modern lifestyle, eating habits and toxic diet cultures leading to lack of nutrition can significantly affect your memory. Did you know your brain develops up to 80 percent till the age of 3 and by the age of 5, your brain reaches its full capacity? Dietitian Mac Singh tells us about the factors that significantly affect your memory.
In this era of urbanization, we commit multiple lifestyle blunders that decrease our brain function without even realizing that they can affect our memory. Some of these lifestyle issues are lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excessive use of cell phones, and bad nutrition. Nutrition plays a significant role in the optimal functioning of the brain.

Here is a list by Dietitian Mac Singh on foods to incorporate in your diet to increase memory.
We all know that spinach is the best source of iron but we do not know that it is one of the richest sources of magnesium and folate. This helps us to maintain our cognitive function.

Egg yolk is penalized for the level of cholesterol it increases. But do you know they are highly rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, magnesium, and zinc which not only develops your memory but also protects you from serious neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease?

Something as simple as yogurt can help you boost your memory bank. UCLA conducted an experiment on women consuming yogurt twice a day and have seen a significant improvement in the working of their brain function. Yogurt is prebiotic that improves your gut biome. So, we can say there is a direct relation between your brain health and gut health.

Fish is a good source of iodine, selenium, and healthy fats. It is complete brain food. This is because it has all the nutrients that you need to develop brain function.

Have you ever wondered that walnut is a replica of our brain? It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols that reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

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