The function of an appendix is still unknown, but still this organ can cause you much trouble if you contract appendicitis. Appendicitis mostly affects people in the age group of 10 to 30. It requires a prompt surgery in which the inflamed appendix is removed. If the surgery is not performed, appendicitis can even prove to be fatal.So, what is appendicitis? Appendicitis refers to the medical condition of an inflamed appendix which causes pain around the navel, swelling in the abdominal area, a loss of appetite, feeling of nausea, inability to pass gas and a low grade fever. The pain the abdominal area increases with time and is usually the first sign of appendicitis.If you are seeing any of the above symptoms, it is recommended that you seek medical advice as soon as possible. Many a times, patients delay a medical consultation. As a result, the condition of the disease gets more severe. A severed appendicitis can lead to another bigger problem, peritonitis, which is a more serious inflammation in the abdominal cavity. If left unheeded, peritonitis can prove to be fatal.Appendicitis is caused by an obstruction in the appendix. An obstruction in the appendix is caused by stool, a foreign body, an infection or cancer. This blockage leads to swelling in the appendix.Though the most commonly known way to treat appendicitis is through surgery, recent research has shown that there is another option too for people affected with appendicitis and that is, antibiotics. Studies were conducted in Europe which involved a total of 1,000 patients. The studies proved that of the total patients with appendicitis who took pills, about 70 per cent did not need a surgical treatment.However, you must always remember that you should never delay seeing a doctor if you or your child shows any worrisome symptoms. A severe pain in the abdominal cavity needs immediate medical attention.

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