Among the several developmental disorders in children, autism is the most common brain disorder. According to the Indian Scale Assessment of Autism, there are approximately 2 million children with autism in India. Autism Society of America (ASA) defines it as a complex development disability that starts showing signs in the first three years of life.Autism is the result of a neurological disorder that hampers normal brain function. It adversely impacts the communication skills of a child as well as his ability to interact with people.Autism cannot be diagnosed up to 18 months and the ideal time to start its treatment is by one to two years. This is the best time because almost 80 per cent of the brain is developed in the first 36 months (three years). Unfortunately, due to sparse knowledge, parents start treatment late and it gets tough for the child to overcome the complexities. Early intervention can prevent disabilities in infants as well as toddlers.It is also important to note that autism has several spectrums. No two children suffering from autism will be the same. Every child with autism is on a different spectrum.The social stigma attached with autism makes it difficult for kids and adults. There is a mindset towards people suffering from disabilities. People often stare and are insensitive towards children with autism. And for the same reason, parents do not allow their kids to mingle with other children. They eventually become outcasts and make it more challenging for both the kid and parents.Also, the mismatch between expectations of the parents and therapists is a prominent challenge. Parents have to understand that since no two kids with autism is alike, their improvement and progress will also vary. There is no quick cure for autism, thereby it is important for parents to set correct expectations. Consistent therapy is the best way to help the child.

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