Cancer, also known as malignancy, is the development of abnormal cells that divide in an uncontrolled manner and have the ability to destroy the normal body tissue. It all starts when a cell is somehow altered so that it multiplies in an uncontrolled manner. A cluster of such abnormal cells leads to a tumor. Although, it is important to note that most cancers form tumors, but not all tumors are cancerous.

These cancerous cells often can spread throughout the body and affect different cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. In the recent past, the number of people suffering from this disease has considerably increased. This disease has now become the second-leading cause of death across the world.

But with the evolution of medical science, the survival rate of the cancer patients is improving for many types of cancer. This disease has been into existence from a very long time, yet only in the recent past century, medical science understood how cancer progresses.