Coronavirus: WHO shares three most prevalent post-COVID symptoms

01/8Long COVID usually lasts for two months

There are three post-COVID symptoms which are prevalent says Dr Janet Diaz, Lead, Clinical Management WHE at the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Third year into the pandemic, not just our fight against the invisible microbe enemy continues, we have a more daunting challenge ahead of us: dealing with post-COVID conditions otherwise known as long-COVID conditions.

People have been facing a number of complications even after recovering from the infection. Issue of long COVID came to the fore a few months back after we survived the pandemic for more than a year. With the growing number of cases related to long COVID, it is evident that COVID doesn’t spare any body organ and leaves its footprints in the biological ecosystem which shows up even months and years later.

02/8​Common symptoms of post-COVID condition

“There are three common symptoms of post-COVID condition: one is fatigue, second is shortness of breath or trouble breathing and the third is cognitive dysfunction,” says Dr Diaz.

But this is just three, there are actually over 200 symptoms described in the literature from patients who have had or have post-COVID-19 condition, she adds.

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