How To Prepare Tom-Brown

How To Prepare Tom-Brown. The good thick brown powder is a combination of maize, millet (cereals), groundnut (peanuts) and soybeans (legumes). it’s one meal that is essential for babies if you want to start feeding them and want them looking well fed after breast milk.

This cereal is also good for adults who always have busy schedules and may have to leave very early in the morning to their place of work. It’s just a 5 minutes meal. This will save you time especially if you are on the go. Basically, It is also the perfect breakfast for you.

Also, because of its rich contents, this fibre in it makes you feel fuller for long causing you to focus on your most important tasks for the day.

Its nutritional benefits are of immense value. It consists of protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrate,  vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 and lots more.

If you are the type who cannot spend too much time in the kitchen, this is best for you.

  • Millet, Guinea corn
  • Yellow corn
  • Soybeans
  • Groundnut/peanuts. 

Optional Ingredients:

  • Crayfish.
  • Dates (sweetener)

Benefits  Of  Tom Brown food —Soy  Beans Cereal.

  1. It lowers cholesterol.
  2.  Its source of antioxidants helps fight free radicals.
  3. It’s good for eye vision.
  4. It controls diabetes.
  5. It reduces inflammation.
  6. It boosts energy levels.
  7. It helps to decrease high blood pressure.
  8. It helps treat coronary heart disorder.

Measurements in making Tom Brown:


It won’t come out nicely if you decide to use the same measure for all the ingredients in the preparation of Tom Brown.

Size or quantity is of importance in its preparation.

Here below is something you can start with. 

  • Yellow corn –  1 kg
  • Millet & Soybean –  500g
  • Groundnut (peanuts) –  200g

In summary, the corn (Yellow and guinea corn) is usually more in quantity than the rest of the ingredients when preparing the cereal.

The millet and Soybeans is usually half the size of the Corn.

While groundnut is lesser of all the main ingredients used.

Note that apart from the nutritious value groundnut has, the groundnut enables the mixture to be pasty.

How To Prepare Tom-Brown

1. Get dried corn and millet, remove the stones and other foreign particles amongst the corn, then roast both on fire until its turned golden brown. Don’t let it pop like popcorn when done, remove it, let it cool.

2. Now, roast the groundnut. (The quantity is based on how much cereals you will use)

3. Roast the millet and the soya beans separately till it becomes brown. Don’t forget to remove the stones and other foreign particles first.

4. When done with the roasting of the soya beans, grind it softly with mortar and pestle to remove the chaff. It is very important you sift the chaff away after you are done with grinding.

5 let all the Ingredients get cool.

6. Combine all the ingredients and blend the mixture with a high power blender or a local mill to blend. Don’t add water, at least not yet!

7.Tom brown powder is ready! Pour it inside a dry container to preserve it.

To prepare for breakfast or at any time for consumption, take a quantity, add water, (twice the amount of the powder) mix it into a watery paste and put on fire.

Keep stirring for 5 to 10 minutes, your food is ready for serving.

Serve with bread or any other accompaniment