8 popular street foods of Asia that no one should miss

Must try street foods of Asia

One of the largest continents by size and population, Asia is very popular for its scenic beauty and variety of foods. As compared to the rest of the world, the kind of street foods you will find in Asia is unique. Owing to their taste, some of the Asian street foods have gained international popularity. From India’s Gol Gappe to Sri Lanka’s Kothu Roti and Vietnam’s Banh Mi to Indonesia’s Satay, there are so many popular dishes that you can enjoy when in Asia. (Images: Pixabay)

02/9Gol Gappe – India

A mouth-watering snack from North India, Gol Gappe is truly delicious. It is made by filling the fried and puffed puris with a spiced mixture of boiled potatoes and boiled gram, and dipping into spiced & flavoured water. It’s also known as Pani Puri, Puchka and Pani ke Batashe in other parts of India.

03/9Satay/Sate – Indonesia

A delicious dish where skewered meat is grilled and then enjoyed with satay sauce, which is a combination of soy and peanut sauce, it is enjoyed alongside rice. Apparently, this dish has been adapted from Indian kebabs. Its vegetarian version is also available where chunks of tofu are skewered and cooked over fire.

04/9Kothu Roti -Sri Lanka

A comfort food of Sri Lanka, it’s a bread-based dish where small pieces of bread are cut and combined with several veggies, meat, egg and spices. It may not look like the most appealing food, but just one bite of this dish and you will forget how it looks.

05/9Banh Mi – Viatnam

It’s a common sight in Vietnamese cities in the morning to grab a sandwich and head to work. Well, these sandwiches are called Banh Mi and are made of baguettes stuffed with a mixture of various vegetables and meat. These sandwiches are loaded with a handful of coriander leaves/cilantro, so if you don’t like its taste, be sure to tell to the vendor not to add it.https://5812f7defcb1048cd37caef0aecf2f4c.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

06/9Miso Ramen – Japan

Popularly sold from ‘Yatai’ or ‘shop stand’, miso ramen is quite popular in Japan. What makes it unique is the fact it has a tangy flavour and miso-fueled broth. The combined taste of this noodle recipe is quite amazing and thus a favourite of many.

07/9Som Tam Thai – Thailand

It’s a very popular salad that you will find in the food stall of Thailand. It literally means Green Papaya Salad and is made with grated green papaya, beans, garlic, lime juice, basil, black pepper and ground peanuts.

08/9Liangpi – China

It’s a refreshing tangy meal where thick & cold noodle-like strips are served with cold vegetables like bean sprouts/cucumber, sesame paste, chilli oil, and vinegar. These strips are made of rice flour and in some cases, people make it with wheat flour as well. This is quite a popular street food of China and is a must-have

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