Beware! Never keep these 8 food items in the freezer

Food items you should never store in the freezer

So, you thought planning meals ahead and to prevent food wastage, things could be kept in the freezer? Well, you might have had the right thought process but you must proceed with caution, as some of the foods can turn into gross meals and pose health risks. No matter what the circumstances are, but you must not keep these foods in the freezer in any way. (Images: Canva)


Dairy milk when stored in the freezer expands just like any other soda or beer. The reason for the same is, it has 87 per cent water in it. When dairy milk is frozen, its texture might change a lot and can become grainy and slushy. When frozen milk is thawed, it can turn into chunks and watery parts. The higher the fat content in milk, the more it will separate. It can only be used for making smoothies or for baking purposes only.


When cucumbers are stored in abundance in the freezer, their taste will become quite odd. The texture of cucumbers also gets affected and they might turn soggy when thawed.


You’ll literally ruin the eggs by storing them in the freezer. When the eggs (with shells) are stored in the freezer, the water content might expand that can cause a crack in the outer shell making it vulnerable to several bacterias. If you have to store eggs in the freezer, you can beat them well and keep them in an airtight container. It will definitely put a stop to the bacterias for some time. But, put a label on it by when to use it.


If you happen to keep fruits in the freezer then you will be surprised to know that you will be hampering with their nutrition value. Not just that, when fruits are kept in the freezer, it dries them from inside as well while affecting their taste.

Fried Foods

Don’t go on the frozen packets! We are talking about storing freshly fried food when they are fried in abundance. In order to reuse them later, we put them in the freezer. But, doing so will result in reheating difficulty and they will lose all their crunchiness and turn soggy on being fried again.


If you think keeping that leftover cooked pasta in the freezer will put your worries away, then you are totally wrong! Fully cooked pasta will turn mushy when trying to reheat. Maybe you could keep the cooked pasta in the fridge. If the pasta is al dente, it might still be firm when reheated. So, do take a note of it!

08/9Tomato Sauce

It’s yet another example of water getting separated from the paste. When you keep tomato sauce in the freezer, its texture also gets damaged. So, it’s advised not to keep the tomato sauce in the freezer.


They are known to be rich in water content, and when kept in the freezer you will have nothing else but soft and mushy potatoes. Also, if you are thinking to keep the leftover cooked potatoes in the freezer, they can still be kept and the texture will also not matter as they can be used in making casserole dishes.