Does detox diet work? How to detox at home

Easy ways to detox at home

Detox is a natural process of cleaning the body which is done by the liver and kidneys. But sometimes we overload ourselves with toxins through food, drugs and alcohol which leads to the sluggishness of these organs due to overwork and hence the body needs external help to flush out the toxins. In modern medical science there are several medically induced detoxifications, like Alcohol Detoxification, Drug Detoxification and even Dialysis which is performed on patients when their kidneys stop functioning. The first two involve counselling and some medicines and the last one is actually not a detoxification, but a way of prolonging the functioning of kidney which stops working on its own due to disease. There are various ways of detoxification suggested in alternative medicines which is mostly debunked by modern science, but they do work even though their impact is different on different people.READMORE

02/7How does detoxification work?

It is claimed that detoxification helps in eliminating toxins by liver kidneys and skin through faeces, urine and sweat which further helps in improving circulation, reducing inflammation in the body which is a major cause of many diseases, accelerating metabolism which enables in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar and weight management. There are various ways of detox promoted in alternative medicines and therapies, but there are some common ones that can be performed at home too.
Popular Nutritionist and entrepreneur Sandhya Gugnani believes that the basic formula of home detox should have the following elements- “Cut down on sugar in any form. Simple carbohydrates, other artificial sweeteners, alcohol or carbonated drinks or sweetened drinks topple the process. Avoid processed or packed foods loaded with chemicals or preservatives in any form, trans- fats, fried, oily and genetically modified foods to be avoided as well. “

03/7How to detox at home in a week

How much of detoxification can happen in a week in an individual depends on two factors-the level of accumulation of toxins and the sincerity with which the detox plan is followed. And the plan is very simple! It is based on elimination and inclusion. hey help cleanse the body from inside and make out systems effective. Plus they help boost our immunity
According to well-known nutrition expert Kavita Devgn, “ Best way to detox is to cut off all inflammation causing foods from your diet – fried, sugar, junk, processed foods, refined finishes and eat an antioxidant rich diet which is more fruits and vegetables.Doing a fast once a week is also a good idea.


For one week say no to-
1. Meats-as they take a long time to digest, aerated beverages
2. All things that come out of a packet like noodles, chips, biscuits, ready-made foods, jams, butter, cheese, ketchup etc,
3. Fats and Sugar: You can limit both to 1-2 teaspoon a day
4. Alcohol: It has to go completely, it is non-negotiable. Not even red wine please.
5. Caffeine: Have green tea. Avoid coffee and sugar loaded milk tea.

05/7Detox inclusions

1. Fasting: Go for intermittent fasting, i.e not having any food for 14-16 hours. Should drink loads of water in this period.
2. Detox Water: Sip throughout the day detox water to which mint, cucumber slices, lemon and ginger has been added. This helps in preventing water retention.
3. Drink 3.5 to 4 litres of water
4. Include seasonal fruits and green vegetables as much as possible
5. Have dinner by 7-8 pm and after every meal take a 1000 step walk. Also chew your food well.
6. Include brisk walk of at least 45 minutes as walking is believed to be one of the best exercises for liver.
7. Perform Surya Namaskar and Pranamayam, even if it is just 5-7 rounds.
8. Drink at least 2 glasses of warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning.
9. Have homemade curd with at least 2 meals as it promotes gut health.
10. Before going to sleep have Triphala powder with warm water.
11. Have homemade food cooked with minimal oil and fresh ingredients.