7 reasons why you must switch to coconut sugar NOW

7 reasons why you must switch to Coconut sugar NOW

Do you find it difficult to cut down on your sugar intake, which is basically a ‘sweet poison’! Yes, a poison which adds sweetness to your palate, but may lead to some major lifestyle diseases like obesity, liver diseases, heart issues and diabetes in the long run.

With an increase in consciousness towards health, people are gradually moving towards healthier options like Coconut sugar. Of late, Coconut sugar has turned out to be a fad among chefs, home cooks and those who choose to eat healthy.

02/9​What is Coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar is basically extracted from the coconut palm sap of the coconut palm tree. This sugar is extracted by making an incision on the flower of the coconut palm and collecting the liquid sap in a container.

This liquid from the tree is then processed by heating it until most of the water evaporates. As a result the sugar has a brown colour, which resembles raw sugar. But what makes it different from raw sugar is the size of the Coconut sugar particle which is very small as compared to raw sugar. Here are 7 reasons why you must switch to Coconut sugar now!READMORE

03/9​Great for cooking and baking

Coconut sugar has a similar texture to brown sugar and it is great for baking as it has a light but distinctive flavour, which is close to molasses. It takes time to melt as compared to other sugar and gives a slight brownish tint to the delicacies. It can be used to add a sweet taste to vegan delicacies or beverages like coffee or tea.

04/9No animal extracts

Refined sugar often has additives like bone char, which are basically animal bone extracts added to give the sugar the typical white colour. On the other hand coconut sugar is an unprocessed sugar variant which makes it a much healthier choice.

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