Even with Zero COVID policy, China faces worst COVID-19 crisis since Wuhan outbreak; here’s all you need to know

01/5What you need to know now

As COVID-19 cases plummet in several countries, China battles its worst COVID-19 crisis since Wuhan outbreak, reports Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post.

According to the National Health Commission, the country recorded 3,100 new cases in a single day, which is the highest locally transmitted tally in two years. The high-tech Shenzhen city, which has a population of over 17 million has been shut down by the government to curb further spread of the virus.

Millions across China are currently bound by the country’s zero COVID policy, which according to health authorities will stretch further, given that the cases have tripled.

On Friday, on being asked about how long China will hold on to Zero-Covid policy, Premier Li Keqiang answered, “We will continue to gain experience and be adaptive to new developments, so as to keep up the flow of goods and personnel.

02/5Understanding China’s zero COVID policy

Since March 2020, China has imposed strict lockdowns and restrictions in the country, known as “dynamic zero” strategy, meaning tight lockdowns and immediate mass testing. With the emergence of the Omicron variant, the country further tightened the measures so as to stop the spread of the highly transmissible variant.

The “zero COVID policy” is the Chinese government’s way of tackling the COVID-19 crisis and so far, it is said to have contained over 30 outbreaks of COVID-19, including the ones that were driven by the Delta.

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