Simple hack to make oats milk that helps in weight loss

Hack to make oats milk that helps in weight loss

Whether you are planning to turn vegan or opt for a healthier alternative to milk, Oat milk is the first thing that crosses the mind. Not only is Oat milk creamy and delicious, its low-fat quotient makes it great for weight watchers and people suffering from lactose intolerance.

What if we tell you that now you don’t have to rely on packed Oat milk, rather you can make it at home and enjoy fresh Oat milk that too with some simple ingredients like oats and water. Here’s a simple process of making Oat milk at home!

02/3​How to make Oat milk at home

To begin with this simple recipe, take a large bowl and add 1 ½ cup of oats and mix 5 cups of water and a dash of salt. Let it soak for sometime and blend it into a smooth mix.

If you want to add some sweetness to the milk, you can either add some stevia, sugar or cane sugar. To add a nice flavour to the milk, you can add in some vanilla essence. Blend the mixture for 30 seconds or more.

Blend it again and once the consistency is smooth and creamy like milk, using a muslin cloth or cheesecloth or strainer, strain the blend.

Repeat the process of straining with a different cloth or strainer and store the milk. This recipe will give you around 5 cups of fresh oat milk.

The texture of Oats milk is similar to dairy milk, so make sure the blend you prepare has a thick to medium consistency like regular milk. Also heating this milk often spoils the taste so it is better to avoid heating oat milk and enjoy it fresh in the form of cold beverages or in the form of oats meal or porridges.READMORE

03/3​Tips to store and use

Store the milk in an airtight container, preferably a glass container.

Since the shelf life of Oat milk is less, you must ensure that you store it in a moisture free, cool dry place or in a refrigerator that too in an airtight or sealed container.

Make sure you don’t over blend the oats as the heat while blending often turns the milk chalky.

Lastly, always consume the milk in two days, if you are making fresh Oat milk at home.

Add it to your smoothies, shakes, cold brews and coffee to enjoy a healthy and dairy free milk.

Shake the container and then serve or use the milk. The thick particles in this milk often settle down. So, to enjoy the taste and texture of oat milk, shake well before use.