Tips to stay away from a stuffy nose

A stuffy nose is something that is synonymous with this season. Most people suffer from a stuffy nose during this time of the year and the viral seems to be in the air.

One common mistake that people do is to try and sniffle all the time. That will aggravate the illness because the mucus going to the lungs can lead to an infection. Instead of resorting to such measures, following these simple methods will reduce or even prevent you from a stuffy nose.

When you are in bed, always keep your head in an elevated position: This decreases mucus formation. Any position that brings a kind of stress on the sinus aids mucus formation. The best way is to sleep with your face up facing the ceiling.
Onions are a good way to keep your nose decongested: Simply, slice an onion and smell it. The onion will act as a catalyst to secrete a liquid to clean your nose. The simplest way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to cut, peel and sniff the onion for five minutes and your nose will be clear in a jiffy.

Eat spicy food: Yes it helps! When you eat spicy food like spicy pepper, a chemical called Capsaicin found in pepper makes your nose run helping you clear your nasal passage.

Drink a lot of hot beverages: Tea or coffee works well. The steam released by these hot drinks will help thin the mucus. Hot drinks, particularly tea can free you from a stuffy nose and when you cough, it will release the mucus making you feel much better.

Steam is the best option: Add few drops of menthol to the hot water. Then cover your head with a towel and then inhale the steam. Covering your head with a towel will ensure that no steam escapes and you can inhale all of that menthol steam.

Following these simple tips can prevent and cure your stuffy nose. Indeed, a study nose is very bothersome, but these tips can ensure that your irritation is reduced considerably.

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